My heart…..Mi corozon…….My blood is pumped by it,My emotions controlled with part of its permission.My heart looks like a fist ….but it indeed has potential far bigger than that.

It’s quite small yet very mighty. It’s often neglected but I think it deserves a little more attention……pardon me!.A lot more attention.

A book I know says we should guard our hearts with all diligence because issues of life come out of it.


How can I give my heart a treat?

How can I nuture it and make it blossom?

How….. just how?

Well, first You have to love…

The more you love the more happy you become..

The more you love the more at ease you become with your self…

The more you become self confident and self-less.

The more physical aerobics you take part in,the better for your heart..
The less ‘drinks’ you take..
The less fat you take.

The more lives you touch…
The more smiles you give to yourself and others.
The more….The more and more of good and the less and the less of bad.

You cannot afford to be Luke Warm..

What you do is either Good for your heart or not.
Remember!… Grey is never right
.Ask yourself this….. Is this White for my heart or Black for my heart?

Make a heart choice…Make a your heart choice..Make a wise choice.

How long your heart lives equals how long your ‘life’ lives.
How much my heart is worth tells a story of how much my life is worth. I am always trying to improve my hearts quality and value…God help me.

I have had the rare opportunity to see a human heart in its…from the atrium to the vena cavas,The aorta,the sinuses down to the ventricles.The heart is truly beautiful.It’s indeed an incomparable master piece.

It really needs to be cherished…give your heart a treat(its the only one heart you have and will ever have…The only ONE)

Give your heart The time it needs and deserves……,

I love my heart… should love yours too.

Take good care of your_______….(heart).and your_________..(self).